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Donuttle™ Holes

Donuttle™ Holes

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The first thing that comes to our mind when we think of innovative round water bottles is the military water bottle, the kind of carrying water bottle that is made of iron or aluminum. History can record wars, but not every soldier.Proc from magnifying glass, and finally we created this new product. Take history as a mirror and look toward the future.

Formed from premium food-grade liquid silicone, the new magnification Donuttle™ is stain resistant and robust.

Hot water safe and freezer-safe.Ring vortex principle makes cleaning easy.Tritan material can be recycled into commercial composting systems together with wet waste.
Product Specifications:

- Product Capacity: 700ML≈23.67OZ

- Product Size (W*L*H): :57mm x 154mm x 185mm

- Net Weight: 215g

- Material: Body (Triran), Lid (PP)

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