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Change Your Stereotype of Plastic

Plastic has always been one of the key words that have attracted much attention in environmental issues. Because of the abuse of disposable plastic products, plastics are always stigmatized as "pollution".In fact, plastic products can also take the path of sustainable development and contribute to the environmental protection of the world's environment.
The best benefits

Donuttle in Tritan Material

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Reuse and Recycle
Tritan has higher durability and safety, and goes a step further in sustainability, containing up to 50% recycled plastic waste.This kind of plastic is to be recycled into commercial composting systems together with wet waste.

Tritan is free of BPA and bisphenol in the polymerization production process, and will not release BPA during use. Tritan plastic is safe, which is not available in ordinary BPA-free plastics.

Environmental Protection
Tritan plastics not only reduce the consumption of fossil resources, but also carbon emissions during the processing process. Less than the process of producing virgin material, has a natural green premium.

Tritan has excellent anti-hydrolysis and anti-oxidation properties, and will not react chemically when it comes in contact with detergents, perfumes, oils and other substances.