Why You Need a Tritan Water Bottle

Why You Need a Tritan Water Bottle

More and more people are fighting the excessive consumption of single-use plastic bottles by switching to reusable ones. Time and time again, we refer to a Tritan water bottle as a quality alternative to an aluminum, glass, or other BPA-free plastic bottle. Drinking bottles made of Tritan are a good and sustainable alternative to conventional plastic bottles. Why? Because Tritan is more than just plastic.



Tritan Copolyester is a thermoplastic developed by the US company Eastman Chemicals in 2007 and is characterized by its practical and innovative properties: Tritan is neutral in taste, food-safe, heat-resistant, break-proof and dishwasher-safe up to 80°C. Another important charanceristic of Tritan is its light weight. It's also produced without any harmful plasticizers such as Bisphenol A (BPA) and Bisphenol S (BPS).



On the basis of extensive tests, Eastman Chemicals guarantees that the plastic is free of hormonally active substances as well as substances with estrogenic effects. Tritan therefore poses no health risk and has been approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) and EFSA (European Food and Safety Association). Tritan can even be used in medical technology and for baby products.

Here’s why the recipients of your water bottle project will too

- Super awesome looking

All water bottles look great, but our Donuttle has a nice weight, great lines, and various colors and styles to choose from. Donuttle often has just as high of a perceived value as metal—and sometimes more so!

- Anti-fall and anti-drop

Go ahead, drop your Donuttle. It likely won’t break. Tritan is tough! We’ve seen videos where Tritan bottles are dropped from rooftops. They don’t break. 

- Odorproof

Truth: water bottles can get stinky and dirty. Your Donuttle is designed to be odorproof. It’s in its copolyester DNA. Or something equally as scientific. Seriously, put an iced coffee in your Donuttle in the morning, then rinse and fill with water in the afternoon. It won’t smell.

- Stainproof

Yup, stainproof. Your Donuttle is still clear, even though that iced coffee (black with sugar, if you please) gets put in it every day. Amazing! Seriously, though, who wants to drink anything from a splotchy, Rorschach test-looking water bottle? Eew.

- Easy Cleaning

Your Donuttle is easy to clean. Although bottles made from Tritan can usually be cleaned at temperatures up to 80°C, significantly lower temperatures are recommended. We do suggest hand-washing your water bottles in warm soapy water.

Are you looking for a reliable Tritan water bottle? Check out our Donuttle!


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