Spend Easter with Donuttle in a New and Creative Way

Spend Easter with Donuttle in a New and Creative Way

Supermarket shelves are already full of chocolate and Easter eggs reminding us that Easter is coming. Easter is a favorite holiday for many people. In addition to the religious significance of the holiday, it is also a holiday full of vivid decor.


We live in an age of innovation and the way to celebrate Easter needs to be creative, like making fresh colored juice instead of painting Easter egg. There is no fixed recipe for the production of juice, as long as the fruit you like can be made into juice. We can pour the juice into a Donuttle water bottle. The round shape water bottle looks like a brightly colored Easter egg when filled with colorful juice.


Decorating your home is a great way to celebrate, such as using your water bottle to make a wreath. Donuttle water bottle is the best tool because it is round and hollow in shape. Just glue flowers and ribbons to Donuttle water bottle to make a wreath. It can hang perfectly on the wall of your home or add one to your mantel. Making this version of a water bottle wreath is quick and easy, and you can decorate your home today!


People can also use the empty Donuttle water bottle to store colorful beads, which combine storage and decoration in one. Donuttle water bottle has a wide mouth which is easy to put beads. And the it is transparent, the color of the beads can be clearly shown through the water bottle. Group beads by color and put them on shelves for decorative storage or to give to friends as gifts! If you don't have beads, try cutting brightly colored straw into small pieces instead of beads.


Start a new fun Easter decoration with your family this year. Meaningful Easter events create memories that last a lifetime. We wish you a Happy Easter and a joyous spring season!                                         

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