How to Keep Your Water Bottle Clean

How to Keep Your Water Bottle Clean

Sometimes we drink beverages like coffee and tea, which is easy to leave traces on the water bottle body. But we usually don’t pay attention to them and seldom wash them. So, how often should reusable water bottle be cleaned? How to clean your water bottle? This is probably a question that most people don't usually think about.  

It is important to keep the bottle clean, Because water bottle is a “wet” environment, they make for a good breeding ground for opportunistic bacteria or molds. Bacteria that are invisible to the naked eye can multiply, but regular cleaning of water bottle is often overlooked by everyone. It is best to clean it once a day to keep your bottle relatively clean. If you don't have time, clean it thoroughly once a week. The frequency of cleaning should be appropriately increased during flu season.

When cleaning the water bottle, you can use some dish soap or vinegar appropriately. Shake it up to get the mixture to all corners. Don’t forget to close the lid before shaking! Leave it overnight at room temperature. This will allow the mixture to work on a deep cleaning process. After soaking, rinse it with clean water and dry it. If the bottom of the water cup is out of reach, it is recommended to use a brush to brush it. Do not use a sponge but a paper towel after cleaning, otherwise bacteria will remain on the bottle. Don't forget the cap when you wash the bottle. Remember to scrub the lid of your water bottle daily with warm water and dish soap. If your bottle consists of multiple parts, separate them before cleaning to make sure there is no lurking dirt in the crevices.

In addition to cleaning with soap, you can also use cleaning tablets to clean water bottles. The tablet is biodegradable, safe for the environment and human health, suitable for all kinds of water bottles. The tablet dissolves in water, creating tiny effervescent bubbles that penetrate tough stains and odors, turning your favorite bottle or container into a clean-cut finish. It gives your water bottle a new and fresh look and smell. No scrubbing required; the easiest way to clean containers and accessories that won’t fit in the dishwasher.

If you're busy and don't have much time to clean your water bottle, you'd better choose an easy-to-clean water bottle such as the Donuttle™ water bottle. While Donuttle™ has created an eco-friendly reusable water bottle that is both stylish and durable, it is also designed with ease of cleaning in mind. Its cleaning process is very simple and does not require any auxiliary tools. Its cleaning principle is the same as the vortex principle of a washing machine, which is very fun and a special way to exercise. Fill the horizontally placed Donuttle™ with 80% water and rock it! You are unknowingly simulating a small annular vortex that cleans as powerfully as your dishwasher! Applause for your ability!

Follow these simple reminders to clean your water bottle frequently. Make sure you can stay hydrated and healthy.

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