Fun Use of Donuttle™ Water Bottle

Fun Use of Donuttle™ Water Bottle

Many people like to use Donuttle™ water bottle to drink water because of its safe material and easy to carry, it is a must when going out. So is there any other use for it besides drinking water? Here are a few ideas for using your Donuttle™ water bottle.

In summer, it's normal for people to feel a little too hot; sweltering commutes, long days outdoors, beach holidays and hot bedrooms keep you awake. But don't worry, you may not know that you can have a cold water bottle just by putting ice cubes in the Donuttle™ water bottle. Cold water bottles are great for keeping cool while you sit, while drinking ice water can help you cool down quickly. The Donuttle™ water bottle also comes with a choice of straps so you can easily carry it around. Wrapping in a towel is recommended to prevent overexposure to the cold.

Preserving dry food on a hot summer day is no easy task. If you are not careful, the food will become moldy and worms. In fact, this problem can be solved with water bottles. Donuttle™ water bottles are also the answer to help you build food storage. You can store wheat, beans and food in Donuttle™ bottles in your own home. Keep food dry and prevent insects from entering. Donuttle™ water bottles come in 6 colors, you can use different color bottles to store different kinds of food. It's still a good idea to label the bottle with the contents along with the packaging date.

Donuttle™ water bottles are also very good fitness tool. Many people want to exercise at home, but without professional fitness equipment, they start looking for alternatives to dumbbells. Solution? Water bottle! Of course, we recommend Donuttle™ water bottles! Easy to hold thanks to the special donut-shaped design of the water bottle. Put water in a bottle, the weight depends on your constitution. Start with a little less and gradually increase it later. You can use them as dumbbells for exercise. You can also put beans in the bottle, wet soil, or whatever you prefer instead of water.

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