Donuttle™ Becomes a Good Helper for Fitness and Hydration

Donuttle™ Becomes a Good Helper for Fitness and Hydration

Donuttle™ water bottle is your best partner for sports and fitness, it's designed to be practical and fun. It is different from ordinary water bottles. Thanks to the "Q" ring feature, it makes us feel just right to hold it, breaking people's perception of drinking water. Worried about leaking water while working out? Donuttle™ is guaranteed to be leak-proof, which means you'll never have to waste time cleaning up unnecessary messes caused by overturned bottles. The most impressive thing is that this water bottle has a variety of capacities to choose from, and the maximum capacity can reach 1500ml, which fully meets the water needs of fitness people for a day. Gives people more time to focus on fitness and less time to refill in front of the water dispenser.
Many people ask us how it should be cleaned up? In fact, its cleaning process is very simple and does not require any auxiliary tools. Its cleaning principle is the same as the vortex principle of a washing machine, which is very fun and a special way to exercise. Fill the horizontally placed Donuttle™ with 80% water and rock it! You unknowingly simulate a small annular vortex, its cleaning power is as strong as your dishwasher! Applause for your ability!

From the appearance, Donuttle™'s round body looks like a donut. After being loaded with water, it can act as a small dumbbell to meet the needs of people to work out anytime, anywhere. Donuttle™ not only meets the needs of sports and fitness, but also meets people's pursuit of fashion. There are 3 sizes and 6 colors to meet everyone's different aesthetic needs. At the same time, the matching strap can be carried on the body cross-body for easy carrying, making you the brightest one in the crowd. Many instagram bloggers are attracted by Donuttle™.
Here is our coupon codes collection.If you are also a fitness enthusiast or a determined fitness partner, having this Donuttle™ water bottle will definitely make you love it! 

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