Back to School Water Bottle

Back to School Water Bottle

As summer days are counting down, parents are gearing up for all the back-to-school essentials your little ones will need. A water bottle is an absolute must. Kids need a water bottle designed to last multiple falls that is made from a high quality material, proper size and showcase their unique personality. The Donuttle™ water bottle solves a big problem for parents.

When kids play in the classroom, they may inevitably knock over the water bottle. And the glass bottle must not be selected, which is very easy to break. A broken glass is not a big deal, but if broken glass accidentally hurt someone, it will be bad. You can choose Donuttle™ water bottle for your kids. The bottle is made of made of Tritan material and has excellent impact resistance, strong and durable. and your kids are no longer fear of shattering. The bottle is non-slip body, which is not only provides greater friction for holing, prevent falling down accident to the greatest extent, but also more comfortable to hold in hands and enjoy drinks. 

For kids water bottles, 12oz is a pretty good size. Anything larger than that will be too wide for their small hands(thus increasing the likelihood that they will spill water all over themselves). The minimum capacity of the Donuttle™ water bottle is 12oz. The weight of the bottle itself is very light, and it will not be heavy when filled with water, which is convenient for kids to carry. It really doesn't take up a lot of space in their bag. When they're thirsty, they can drink water anytime. Our stylish bottle is small enough to fit in kids’ hand but large enough to quench their thirst.

Donuttle™ water bottle has a total of 6 colors, suitable for both boys and girls. Soft and bright color matching design, full of sense of luxury. The donut shape water bottle is not like your regular water bottle, it’s definitely more fun. It also can be a decoration on the wrist or as a stylish bag, and it helps your kids stand out in the crowd. Drinking water from a good-looking water bottle will make your kids’ mood better, and it can also help kids drink more water.

With back-to-school around the corner, kids got to have a water bottle that's functional and fun. Donuttle™ is our favorite water bottles that’ll last through the school year and help get your kids’ hydration on.

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